Create a professional CV by following these simple steps

Constructing a great CV is a crucial step in getting noticed by employers and for an interview whether it is for cleaner jobs , security jobs , construction jobs or any type of job it does not matter. A CV is one of the main things in your job hunting arsenal that you can use to really sell your skills to any recruitment agency or potential employer. These people have never met you before and know nothing about you so getting your CV right including the presentation is very important. Here are some tips to help you construct a great CV?

Your CV should not really go over 2 pages. To begin writing a CV the very first peice of information which should always be at the beginning is your full name, address and telephone numbers plus your email address if you have one. Do not forget to include your Linkedin profile URL also if you have one. Linkedin is a professional network and you can include your job history and also get recommendations from colleagues which are online so the exposure can be phenomenal.

After your initial contact details construct 5 or 6 sentences in a box like structure to really sell yourself and your achievements in relation to the employment you are looking for. Following this part display a short list of bullet points giving your key skills you have and try and keep it in relation to the job you are looking for. This allows you to put your main skills across really quickly as in general potential employers will not take a great deal of time looking at your CV before they either call you in for an intereview or decide not to proceed with your application. Make the best use of the first quarter of your CV as this is a very short space of time.

You will then need to list your job history down. Begin by bolding the employer name, the position you held and dates you worked for them, from and to. In a bullet point list put down all your achievements in the job. Talk about the skills you have and things you have done, but make sure you do not bend the truth.

At the end remmember to write down the school and university you went to and what qualifications to acquired. You may also put down your interests and what you like to do in your spare time. Ensure you check all the spelling and grammer, this is of course very important but often overlooked. Following these hints and tips you will be able to create a fantastic CV you will be proud of.

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